Doctor Who Deep Breath Review.

Doctor Who Deep Breath Review.


Adequate is an awful word. I hate using it. Especially when it comes to describing my favorite show. Double that when it’s the season premiere of my favorite show. Bonus points when it’s the introduction of the main character of my favorite show. Yet no other word springs to mind. Deep Breath is an adequate episode of Doctor Who. Not incredible. Not Terrible. Somewhere between Meh and pretty good.

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Stuff & Thangs, Episode 29 - Genie, You’re Free

Stuff & Thangs, Episode 29 – Genie, You’re Free

Stuff & Thangs

That’s right, we’re back with an all-new edition of Stuff & Thangs. This week, Greg and I sit down to talk about the passing of Robin Williams. I will warn you now that it does get a little sad, but it’s not like you haven’t heard sad on here before. Then we discuss Game of Thrones, because I have finally finished watching the series!…

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Not Some Deep Space Franchise

Not Some Deep Space Franchise

b5susanivanova1Last week a story broke about JMS planning a potential BABYLON 5 feature film.  I was flattered that people brought this to my attention, as if I were some authority on the subject.  You can read up on the story here and here.

As I said in my last article, B5 is one of my favorite series, yet it’s also a bit of a rocky show to navigate.  You start off by watching a TV movie that’s not included as…

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Credit Cookies

This is a topic I’ve long wanted to write about.  I’ve never been a fan of when movies tend to include little bits of additional footage either during or after their end credits sequence.  These bits are called Credit Cookies and although Hollywood films have occasionally included them since the 1970’s, they’ve now become more popular than ever before thanks to the Marvelfilms.  Sometimes they…

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Let Us Roll, Ep. 4 - Boss Monster

Let Us Roll, Ep. 4 – Boss Monster

Boss Monster

That’s right, we’re back with an all-new edition of Let Us Roll, the podcast where we play a game while we chat. This week, Greg and I sit down with our artist friends Ashton Cutright and Tyler Bray to play Boss Monster, the dungeon building card game by Brotherwise Games.

Although Boss Monster is a fun game to play,…

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