Let Us Podcast, Ep. 67 - Technical Issues Abound!

Let Us Podcast, Ep. 67 – Technical Issues Abound!

That’s right! We’re back with an all-new episode of Let Us Podcast. This week, Leroy and I sit down with a huge stack of Leroy’s past. He’s got all sorts of writing samples from his elementary school days to share with me and you, the beloved listeners! Throw on top of that a conversation of code names that unwittingly wanders into the degrading, an ultimatum to Stephen “Virus Watch” Gertz that…

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Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review

Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review

The Caretaker was a bit of a throwback to the RTD era of New Who. The monster doesn’t matter much. Our attention is focused solely on the people of the story. Here we have The Doctor, his companion, her boyfriend, and a school full of students and faculty all involved in a bit of a farce. Timey-Wimey doesn’t factor much into anything so we’re able to just enjoy a light adventure, something I very…

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Burton’s Five Best

Burton’s Five Best

After watching the trailer for his knew film Big Eyes, I was reminded of why I used to really like Tim Burton. No matter how bizarre, his films are capable of carrying a sweet and genuine soul that is only strengthened by his unique vision, and that can be enchanting to witness. The good ones anyway. No amount of Burton’s brand can save his truly awful work. Unfortunately the latter has become so…

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TUSK: The Full Walrus Review

TUSK: The Full Walrus Review


Last year, I experienced episode 259 of Smodcast. The subject of the episode regarded a man who wished to transform another man into…a walrus. When it was over, I immediately tweeted #walrusyes. Then I tweeted, #walrushellyes. Earlier this afternoon I saw a film which was the direct result of that tweet and thousands of others like it. The ride from inception to viewing has been a thrilling…

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Doctor Who Review: Time Heist

Doctor Who Review: Time Heist


Time Heist is very entertaining. A straightforward adventure story with enough of a spin to keep it interesting. At no point does it become pointlessly complicated or repetitive. The pacing was brisk and a little rushed, but energetic. Many of the sets were bland, but the lighting made up for it. The guest stars did their jobs well and their characters were interesting enough to keep me engaged.…

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Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: Intro

Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: Intro

Stephen KingThis weekend marks the ten year anniversary of the completion of the DARK TOWER series.  I know what you’re all thinking: I already wrote a long, 4-part look at the work of Stephen King, where I discussed THE DARK TOWER SERIES quite a bit.  However, after revisiting the series yet again, it occurred to me that there was something else I could do that would be more accessible to the casual fan and…

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Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: THE GUNSLINGER

Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: THE GUNSLINGER

GunslingercoverYear Published: Serialized from 1978-81, Original Edition: 1982, Revised Edition: 2003

“Re” Word: Resumption

Dedication: “To ED FERMAN who took a chance on these stories, one by one.”

I like this dedication, acknowledging that the book originated as a series of short stories.

Gunslinger5Overview: In a barren, post-apocalyptic world, a lone gunslinger, who is part cowboy from the American west, part medieval…

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DotTcoverYear Published: 1987

“Re” Word: Renewal

Dedication: “To Don Grant, who’s taken on these novels, one by one.”

A very clever dedication, paying homage to the previous novel, and acknowledging that this story has graduated from a cycle of short stories to a series of novels.



Overview: After a vicious attack, a dying Roland finds himself on a beach with three doors, where he must draw different…

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Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: THE WASTE LANDS

Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: THE WASTE LANDS

WasteLandscoverYear Published: 1991

“Re” Word: Redemption

Dedication: “This third volume of the tale is gratefully dedicated to my son: OWEN PHILLIP KING: Khef, Ka, and Ka-tet.”

Interesting that it took until the third book for SK to dedicate one of these to a family member.  It shows how much he has grown throughout the series, from college student to successful author to proud dad.

WasteLands6Overview: Roland has…

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